Can A Cash Discount Program Help You?

Does your business accept credit cards and suffer because of it?  Are you tired of paying hefty processing fees just to keep up with other businesses?  Ever wanted to just accept credit cards for free?  If you answered yes to any of these then you’re in luck.  There’s a groundbreaking new technique that finally allows businesses access to free processing so they can accept credit cards without shedding money.  This new technique is called a cash discount program, and if it’s right for your business then you can expect to save big.

What’s a Cash Discount Program?

On the surface, a cash discount program is just what it sounds like, a program that gives customers a discount for paying with cash.  However, cash discount programs have a far more ingenious purpose.  By automatically increasing the price of your goods when a credit card machine is used by the amount of the credit card processing fees, your customers effectively cover those fees for you.  The discounted price that customers who use cash are charged is the price that was standard before the program was implemented.  The result is simple, you don’t pay credit card processing fees.

Who Needs a Cash Discount Program?

Any business that accepts credit cards and pays for processing fees can benefit from a cash discount program.  Even if only a few of your customers choose credit cards, those costs add up quickly.  Do the math for your business and you’ll quickly see the benefit of a program such as this.  Most likely you can save thousands every year just by implementing a cash discount program.  So, any company that accepts credit cards can reap the benefits of free processing.

How Can I Implement a Cash Discount Program?

After reading about the benefits of this technique you may worry that credit card processing providers who let you implement it are expensive or elusive.  Such worries would be unwarranted, WOW Payments is a credit card payment solution that lets you accept credit cards for free.  Best of all, our credit card machines are affordable, easy to use and technologically sophisticated.  Call today and start saving your company’s money.

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