How to Choose the Right Credit Card Terminal

Choosing the right credit card processing terminal that answers your business purposes can help you minimize processing costs and increase your profits. Credit card terminals come in a variety of types. With a reputable payment processor like WOW Payments, your small business can take advantage and succeed.

There are situations when you should have more than one business account to cater for your processing needs. This is applicable to retail stores with an online presence. Some terminals process multiple commercial account transactions and are the right choice for such business needs.

What ways of card payment do my customers have?

Traditional Transactions

Running a retail store or a restaurant, you have face-to-face contact with your customers. So, you’ll need countertop payment terminal that provides the perfect means of securely accepting Chip and PIN transactions in any fixed communication location.

Mobile and Wireless Terminals

Set up a mobile business account and download the appropriate app to your smartphone or tablet. In this case your business will be able to accept major credit cards and signature debit cards.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal allows you to quickly and securely charge customer credit cards right from your desktop. It is the link business owners use to accept credit card and ACH payments online securely and efficiently from their own computer.

Looking for a credit card terminal, you should make clear which one will best suit your payment processing needs. WOW Payments’ professional team can help you choose the right terminal for your business so you can start accepting credit and debit cards seamlessly.

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