The Top Credit Card Payment Solution: Apple Pay or Google Wallet?

More and more customers have been relying on mobile payment apps as solutions to the security issues inherent in credit cards and in order to better organize their own personal payment methods.  The two fiercest competitors among recent mobile payment apps are without a doubt Apple Pay and Google Wallet. If you’re a merchant who wants to make informed decisions about the payment industry and which merchant services you need, then it’s important to understand the differences between the two apps.

  • While Google Wallet can be used on any mobile device, Apple Pay is only usable on Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads.
  • Google will reimburse any fraudulent payments made in the United States using their service and scans for fraud 24 hours a day. While Apple Pay doesn’t have this high level of fraud reimbursement they do offer the ability to remotely delete all of a user’s Apple Pay data should control of their device be lost.
  • Apple Pay is accepted by approximately twice as many merchants as Google Wallet.
  • Apple Pay enables users to pay through simply moving their device near an enabled terminal. Google Wallet requires unlocking the device and submitting a PIN to pay.
  • Both Apple Pay and Google Wallet encrypt transactions and neither charge merchants any fees other than their normal credit card transaction fees.
  • Both of the apps fulfill the same basic function, storing user payment information and transmitting it to a credit card machine for payment.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing which app you would most like to accept as a payment method, why not go with a credit card processing company that lets you process both?  WOW Payments gives free processing and mobile credit card readers that let you stay up-to-date on all the latest advancements in the payment industry.

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