Why Anyone In The Beauty Industry Must Accept Credit Cards

If you’re in the beauty industry then you face stiff competition. Salons and spas are popping up everywhere, carving out your customer base poses a serious challenge. One way to seriously set your business apart is to start accepting credit cards. Even though credit card machines are ubiquitous in other industries, the beauty industry has been slow on the uptake. This means that getting in touch with a merchant services provider can give you the edge needed to outshine your competition. That may be a tempting reason to consider adopting this technology, but it’s far from the only reason that anyone in the beauty industry must accept credit cards.


This industry is all about enabling the customer to relax, unwind and feel great. That’s why removing all stressors from their experience is so important. Giving your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business will accept their prefered payment method can go a long way. After all, what’s more stressful than worrying about money? Furthermore, if you opt for mobile credit card readers then you can give customers the amazing convenience of paying where they received services. Ensuring that they don’t have to get up in order to pay is a relaxing touch that your customers will definitely remember.


Consumers tend to be more lax with purchasing decisions when they aren’t handing over physical bills. Many customers decide on a whim to receive cosmetic services, which means that you want to take every step possible to ensure these customers finalize their decision quickly. By accepting credit cards you put fewer barriers between you and the impulse shoppers who make up a sizeable portion of your potential customer base. In doing so, you ensure your business gets more customers and more money.

These are tempting motives to start accepting credit cards, but one of the biggest reasons that many companies don’t is they think it’s expensive. This is a huge misconception, in fact with WOW Payments you can accept credit cards for free while utilizing mobile credit card readers with all the latest technology. WOW Payments is the merchant services provider you’ve been waiting for, so contact us and start accepting credit cards today.

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