Why No Small Business is Complete Without A Payment Gateway

Every so often an innovative technology comes out that completely revolutionizes its industry.  Payment gateways are exactly such a technology, since their inception they have been completely changing how small businesses deal with payment.  Payment gateways are suites of connected payment software and if your business doesn’t have a payment gateway then you’re losing both money and efficiency.  Read more as we explore how a payment gateway can supercharge your business’ payment system.

Merchant Dashboard

The central hub of the payment gateway is called the merchant dashboard and it’s a powerful tool.  Information from every transaction is collected from your payment terminal and transferred to the merchant dashboard where rudimentary analysis is automatically performed.  The result is a quick and easy overview of the questions you would normally have to strive to answer such as what payment methods your customers prefer, what products are most popular and when you have the most customers.

Reporting Tools

Tired of poring over hundreds of transactions in order to report your financial situation?  For a more in-depth analysis than that provided by the merchant dashboard, payment gateways empower you to easily create customizable reports.  The result is an intricate knowledge of what you’re doing well that doesn’t require time or effort to develop.

Other Software

Payment gateways also empower your business with a host of other powerful software tools.  They enable businesses to set up individualized recurring billing plans. They allow businesses to automatically send personalized receipts and provide a platform for online payments.  The one thing that payment gateways do best is make your business’ payment system simple and easy.

There’s no point in creating an efficient payment system when you’re losing barrels of money on credit card processing.  Luckily, WOW Payments has you covered.  We are the best credit card processing company, and can help you accept credit cards for free.  By combining a payment gateway with free processing and our incredible, affordable credit card machines you can rest easy knowing that your business is enjoying the ultimate payment solution.

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