Month: December 2018

The Top 10 Payment Terms For Every Independent Sales Agent

If you’re an Independent Sales Agent then you’re sure to agree that there’s a lot to remember in this job, especially if you’re working in the payment industry. You need to have a firm grasp not only on all of the different types of credit card machines but also on all the intricate details of how, exactly, payment is processed. This task may sound tough […]

Is Your Merchant Services Provider Taking Advantage of You?

As a merchant, you have enough to worry about in your day-to-day operations. The last thing that you want to have on your mind is the fear that your merchant services provider could be less than legitimate. To assuage your fears, we’ve investigated and developed a list consisting of a series of clues that may be signs of an unscrupulous merchant services provider. Unfair Fees: There […]

The Top Credit Card Payment Solution: Apple Pay or Google Wallet?

More and more customers have been relying on mobile payment apps as solutions to the security issues inherent in credit cards and in order to better organize their own personal payment methods.  The two fiercest competitors among recent mobile payment apps are without a doubt Apple Pay and Google Wallet. If you’re a merchant who wants to make informed decisions about the payment industry and which merchant […]

How to Choose the Right Credit Card Terminal

Choosing the right credit card processing terminal that answers your business purposes can help you minimize processing costs and increase your profits. Credit card terminals come in a variety of types. With a reputable payment processor like WOW Payments, your small business can take advantage and succeed. There are situations when you should have more than one business account to cater for your processing needs. This […]