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Why Anyone In The Beauty Industry Must Accept Credit Cards

If you’re in the beauty industry then you face stiff competition. Salons and spas are popping up everywhere, carving out your customer base poses a serious challenge. One way to seriously set your business apart is to start accepting credit cards. Even though credit card machines are ubiquitous in other industries, the beauty industry has been slow on the uptake. This means that getting in […]

Your Checklist For Starting A Business

Most people who aim to start their own business feel a pull so strong that they can barely resist it. They feel drawn to the freedom, the money, the right to be rewarded for their good decisions and the opportunity to lead. While it’s great if you feel the alluring call to start a business, it’s also important to proceed carefully. Starting a business can’t […]

What You Must Know About POS

If you’ve been looking into finding a merchant services provider then you’ve almost certainly seen the term “POS.” It’s more than just a buzzword. POS, point-of-sale, terminals have already swept through the payments industry. This technology is not a distant future, it’s readily available and customers expect your business to have it. Read on to find out more about POS systems and the reasons you […]

Your Small Business Needs To Accept Cards

Saying that starting a small business is hectic is a complete understatement.  There are so many details to iron out that sometimes it feels easier to just forget about finding a merchant services provider.  After all, how many small businesses really need a credit card machine? The truth is that all of them do, and if you convince yourself that your small business doesn’t need […]

What’s The Next Big Payment Technology?

The payments industry is renowned for the rate at which it innovates and evolves. While this rapid change can be exciting, it can be difficult for merchants to keep up with all the latest advancements. After all, many companies still haven’t transitioned from traditional credit card machines to EMV-compliant ones. If you want to stay ahead of the game then read on as we present […]

Payment Technologies Every Retailer Must Know

One of the best ways to both protect your business and ensure you get the most money possible is to modernize your payment system. That’s because having an outdated payment system means having fewer transactions and unnecessary liability. Of course, it can be difficult to figure out which technologies you really need to incorporate into your credit card payment solution. Don’t worry though, we’re here […]

How To Make Your New Business A Success

Starting a new business is an endeavor as exciting as it is challenging. The promises of being able to reap the rewards of your work, answering to no one and doing something you love are enticing to say the least. Unfortunately, not all businesses succeed though. You want to do everything necessary to make sure that your business is a lasting success. In order to […]

Why Every New Cosmetology Business Needs To Accept Credit Cards

Cosmetology is on the rise, more and more new businesses fall inside the vast umbrella of the beauty industry. However, in the United States, these new businesses tend to be behind the curve on accepting the payment methods customers prefer. This tendency makes it all the more vital to get in-touch with a merchant services provider. One of the fastest and easiest ways for any […]

Finding The Cheapest Processing

There are many things you want to find in a credit card processing provider, from high-quality credit card machines to a communicative customer service team. However, the most important factor by far is affordability. Paying too much for credit card processing is akin to throwing money away every time you make a transaction. We want to teach you the tips and tricks to find the […]

How To Evade Chargebacks

One of the biggest risks when accepting credit card payments is chargebacks. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as successfully earning a customer’s business only to have them pull the rug out from under you later. However, you can mitigate this financially devastating risk and make sure that when you earn a sale you get to keep your hard-earned money. Keep reading while we present the […]