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Why No Small Business is Complete Without A Payment Gateway

Every so often an innovative technology comes out that completely revolutionizes its industry.  Payment gateways are exactly such a technology, since their inception they have been completely changing how small businesses deal with payment.  Payment gateways are suites of connected payment software and if your business doesn’t have a payment gateway then you’re losing both money and efficiency.  Read more as we explore how a […]

Can Free Processing Help You?

Nobody ever said that owning a business is easy.  Every dollar earned requires hard work, determination and a drive for innovation.  So, if there were an easy way for any business to save money, wouldn’t you take it?  That isn’t just a hypothetical question, there really is an easy way to save money with no fee credit card processing.  Any business can benefit from relying […]

The New Authentication Methods You Need To Know

You have probably become accustomed to scribbling out a hasty signature whenever making a purchase using a credit card machine. That’s because, in the United States, that is still the most prevalent authentication method for customers, but that fact is changing quickly. Credit card machines are evolving to implement new authentication methods that offer better protection for everyone involved, and if you want your business […]

Why Your Gardening Business Needs Payment Technology

Many people mistakenly believe that implementing payment technology is only necessary for big companies or businesses that deal in specific industries. The truth is that any business can benefit from the latest advancements in payment technology and if your gardening business doesn’t accept credit cards then you’re missing out. Read on to see why you need to start getting in touch with credit card processing […]

The Hunt For e-Cigarette Processing

Every business can benefit from staying modern with credit card machines. For most businesses the process is pretty straightforward, just find the merchant services provider that best fits your needs and as soon as they accept your application you can get started accepting credit card payments. However, if you’re in the e-cigarette industry you may struggle to take this important step towards staying competitive. That’s […]

Empower Your Salon With Credit Card Processing

When most people think of hair salons they don’t think of credit card processing, in fact it’s fairly common for salons to only accept cash. That’s exactly why you need to buck the trend and find a credit card payment solution. When your hair salon accepts credit cards it will stand out from others and your customers will certainly appreciate you going the extra mile […]

Unlock The Secrets of Reverse Fee Processing

It gets tiring watching your money fly away every time that a customer pulls out their credit card.  Have you ever wished that you could stop losing money accepting credit cards and take advantage of free processing?  Reverse fee processing is about to make your wishes become reality.  This technology is one of the best kept secrets in the payment industry because big credit card […]

The Challenges Every Start-Up Faces

No one has ever said that starting a business is easy. It’s a nerve-wracking, difficult, risky process and any business must overcome countless adversities to survive. If you own a start-up then you’re sure to recognize that decisions about every asset of your company from designing promotional material to finding the right credit card machine require extensive research. In order to help you organize your […]

Paying The Least For Credit Cards

Inefficiency is the bane of every business.  One of the areas where it can be the most subtle, and hard-hitting, is credit card processing.  If your merchant services provider is giving you a bad deal, then the more products and services you sell the more money you lose.  How can you avoid such an insidious fate?  By finding the best credit card processing company and […]

Can A Cash Discount Program Help You?

Does your business accept credit cards and suffer because of it?  Are you tired of paying hefty processing fees just to keep up with other businesses?  Ever wanted to just accept credit cards for free?  If you answered yes to any of these then you’re in luck.  There’s a groundbreaking new technique that finally allows businesses access to free processing so they can accept credit […]